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Welcome to Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse! We’re a discount grocery store serving the Harford County and Baltimore County area. We’re able to offer food at discount prices because we have developed partnerships with wholesalers and distributors to obtain their overstock, near dated and close-out food products. We founded the company to help charities and non-profits gain access to reduced cost and donated products and supplies.

Today, we also sell to Maryland families trying to save on their grocery bills. Elks Clubs, VFWs, Moose Lodges, privately owned assisted livings, church groups and local schools save money on fundraising events by purchasing product through Chesapeake Traders.

Our inventory changes weekly, so be sure to check back often. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to call ahead. Call us today at



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Our Food


Aug 14-17, 2019





*Alfredo Sauce $4

*F/C Tender Chicken w/ Andouille Sausage (single serve) $1.50

*Lamb Weston’s Super Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries (28 oz) $2.75

*Thick & Juicy 1/3 lb. Beef Patties (6 ct) $5

*Strip Steaks (8 oz) $4


Just in Frozen

CB Turkey Breasts (4.5 lbs) $10 OR (3.5 lbs) $7.75

Shrimp Poppers (4 oz) .50

Shrimp 61/70 (5 lbs) $25

Ground Beef Patties (8/4 oz) $5

Archer Farms Large Butter Croissants 4pk $1.50

Hatfield Hickory Smoked Ham Steak (8 oz) $1.50

Armour Eckrich Sliced Pepperoni (4.5 oz) $1.25

Crinkle Cut Seasoned Potato Wedges (5 lbs) $6

Premium Custard Base/Crème Brulee (32 oz) $1

Tony’s Breakfast Sausage & Gravy Pizza Squares (32/3ozs sqrs) $11

Edwards 9″ Key Lime Pie Thaw & Serve $5


Refrigerated Items

Esskay Chipped Beef (3 oz) –refrigerated $2

Mrs. Fields Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (12ct) $1.75

Mrs. Fields White Choc. Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough (12ct) $1.75

Marathon Shredded Smoked Gouda Cheese (5 lbs) $15

Philadelphia Chive & Onion Cream Cheese (3 lbs) $5

Wholly Avocado Chunky Avocado Dip & Spread (8 oz) .50 OR cs of 8/$4





Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit OR Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin (3.6 oz) .75 OR 5/$3

 Oscar Mayer Evan Williams Maple Bourbon Bacon (12oz) $2.50

Farm Promise Boneless Breakfast Ham Slices (6oz) $1

Jimmy Dean RTC Pork Sausage Patties (2lbs) $4

Jimmy Dean Country Mild Pork Roll Sausage 16oz – $3

Wholesome Pantry Uncured Applewood Bacon (12 oz) $3.99

Wholesome Pantry Uncured Hardwood Smkd Bacon (12 oz) $3.99

Farm Promise Slow Smoked Uncured Hardwood Bacon (12 oz) $3.99

Pini Polska Smoked Bacon (4.5 oz) .50/ea OR cs of 24/$10.50

Foster Farms Pancake Wrap Chk Saus (12ct.) $4.50

Plain OR Asiago Bagels (15 pk) $4

Aunt Jemima Great Starts Pancakes & Sausage (6 oz) $1.25

Market Basket Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit (4pk.) – $4.25

Shredded Hash Browns (6 lbs) $4

Sunrise Growers Organic Blend-Straw/Cherries/Rasp/Cran (48 oz) $9

Jennifer’s Garden Mixed Fruit -Straw/Blackberry/Rasp- (12 oz) $2

Fiera Foods Strawberry & Cheese Filled Croissants (12 ct) $4


Appetizers/Frozen Snacks

GV Italian Style Meatballs in Sauce (28 oz) $4

Ruiz Foods Tornados Ranchero Beef Steak (4ct) $2.25

Ruiz Foods Tornados Cheese Pepperoni (4ct) $2.25

Ruiz Foods Tornados Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar Tortilla (4ct) $2.25

Marie Callender’s Delights Balsamic Glzd Chicken Dinner (10.75 oz) $1

Boca Brushetta Tomato Basil Parm. Veggie Patty (4pk) $2

Mash Direct Potato Rosti (6 oz) $2

Mash Direct Potato, Cheese & Onion Croquettes (11 oz) $2

Lightlife Smart ground “meatless” Original Crumbles (12 oz) NOW .75

Mario Fully Cooked Real Bacon Crumbled Bits (2.8oz) $1.50

BF Grilled Bread (4 loaves) $2


Lobster Bisque $9

Lobster Essence (broth) $6

White Cheddar Cheese & Potato Soup (4 lbs) $4

Green Split Pea Soup (8 lbs) $6

Classic Cream Soup Starter-Condensed (4 lbs) $5

New England Clam Chowder (8 lbs) $9

Spinach Artichoke Dip – $6

Artichoke Lobster Dip $6

Alfredo Sauce $4

Lemon Butter Sauce $4

Lime Tomato Garlic Reduction $1

Burgundy Mushroom Base $3


Frozen Pasta

Pizza Dough Balls (28 oz) $1

Two Sicily’s 6″ Whole Grain FTO Pizza Dough (6 ct) $1.50

Luna Pizza 11″ Margherita Pizza (11 in/14 oz) $2.25

Dr. Oetker Virtuoso Veg. & Goat Cheese Classic Crust Pizza (15.9 oz) $3

Arrezzio Genovese Pesto Sauce (30 oz) $5

Joseph’s Tri-Colored Tortellini (4 lbs) $8

Servoli Cheese Ravioli (4 lbs) $10

Cora Cheese Tortellini (16 oz) $2

Marzetti Frozen Pasta (3 lbs) $3

Steaks & Beef

Ball Park Flame Grilled FC Beef Patties w/Cheddar (10.8 oz) $2.50

Trademan Premium Cuts Sirloin Tips (22 oz) $6

Heritage 100% Angus Burgers (80/20-6 ct) $8

Thick & Juicy 1/3 lb. Beef Patties (6 ct) $5

Pierre FC Angus Cheeseburger (2 pk) $1.50

Casa Di Bertacchi 2oz. Beef Italian Meatball (5lbs) $16

Ribeyes (2 pk/1 ½ lbs) $9

Strip Steaks (8 oz) $4

Sirloin Steaks (8 oz) $4

Tradesman Sirloin Cuts (22 oz) $6

Veal Leg Butt-Tender (2 lbs) $10



Coastal Range Organic Chicken Burgers 4pk (16 oz) $3.50

Turkey Burgers – $5

Brickman’s Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (32 oz) $3.50

F/C Tender Chicken w/ Andouille Sausage (single serve)$1.50

Chef’s Requested Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast Fillets (4 oz) .90

Chef Quik Chicken Tenderloin Fritter (5 lbs) $12

IQF Raw Chicken Breasts (5 lbs) $15

Tyson Nashville Style Seasoned B/S Chicken Breast (11 oz) $1.75

Foster Farms Chicken Leg Drumsticks (approx 5 lbs) $5

Bulk Diced Chicken Tenderloins (approx 5 lbs)$8



Hebrew National Salami (24 oz) $5

Holten Meats (3-5 oz/ea) Boneless Pork Loin Fritter (5 lbs) $3

Ahold Craft Ale House Pork Tenderloin $5

Hatfield Touch of Sea Salt Pork Loin Fillet (22 oz) $5

Hatfield Dry Rubbed Montreal Seasoned Loin Filet $5

Hatfield Texas Smokehouse Dry Rub Pork Loin Filet (1.5 lbs) $5

Pork/Beef Sliced Pepperoni (2 lbs) $6

Hatfield Premium Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Medallions (12 oz) $3

Prima Porta Authentic Country Sausage Link (6 pk.)  $3.99

Schaller & Weber Chicken Bratwurst (2.5 lbs) $5

Schaller & Weber Cooked Bratwurst (2.5 oz) $5

Fully Cooked Pork Loin Chops (3 lbs) $5



Scallops (1 lb) $10

Lobster Tails (2/5 oz) $10

Tilapia 6/8 oz portions $7

Handy Wild Caught Claw Crab Meat (8oz) $2.50

Salmon Fillets – $4

Mahi-Mahi- $4

Aquastar Gluten Free Breaded Butterfly Shrimp (9oz)$4.50

Sea Watch International Prem. Breaded Clam Strips (4oz) .50

Matlaw’s Gourmet Stuffed Clams (6/5oz) $5

Next Wave Seafood Shrimp for Taco w/ Vegetables (10oz) $3

Rubicon Shell-On Cleaned Raw 36/40 Shrimp (12 pk) $3

Van de Kamp California Style Salmon & Vegetables (18 oz) $3

Sebastian Every Day Value Crab Cakes (16 oz) $5

Sebastian Crab Jalapeño & Cheddar Mix

(w/ Crab Meat &Cheddar Cheese) 32 oz. $8

Hand Breaded Coconut Shrimp (3.7 lbs) Size 14/16 -$20

Pescanova FC Mussels w/ Marinara Sauce (16 oz) $2

MacKnight Salmon Burgers (4 pk) $1.50

RL Seafood Stuffing (contains crab & Shrimp) – $4



Birds Eye Italian Style Protein Blends (11.5 oz) $1.50

Village Grown Organic Broccoli (10 oz) $1.50

Village Grown Organic California Blend (10 oz) $1.50

Village Grown Organic Cauliflower (10 oz) $1.50

Daily Pick California Vegetable Blend (32 oz) $2.25

Green Giant Veggie Tots Sweet Potato & Cauliflower (16 oz) $2.10

Green Giant Corn Veggie Tots (16 oz) $2.10

Birds Eye Deluxe Artichoke Hearts (9 oz) $1

Birds Eye Steamfresh Riced Cauliflower w/ Italian Cheese (10 oz) $1.50


Lamb Weston’s Super Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries (28 oz) $2.75

Ore-Ida Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato Fries (19 oz) $3

Birds Eye Ultimate Stir Fry (14 oz) $1.50

Breaded Okra (2 lbs) NOW $1

Green Giant Rice Pilaf w/ Carrots, Peas & Mushrooms (1o oz) $1.50



Thaw & Serve Caramel Apple Crunch Pie (42 oz) $3.50

Bon Appetit Raspberry Tarte (15.1 oz) $3

Kimberley’s Maple Pecan Cupcakes $1.75

Kimberley’s Triple Choc Fudge Cupcakes (4 ct) $1.75

Sweet P’s Bakery Large Red Velvet Cupcakes (4 ct) $1.75

Essential Everyday Old Fashion Pecan Pie-thaw & serve-(22 oz) $4

Sara Lee Raspberry Pie (34 oz) $5

½ Raspberry & ½ Cheese Danish $2.25

Private Selection RTB 9” Apple Streusel Pie (36 oz) $3.50

Chef Pierre RTB Country Apple Hi Pie w/ Maple Flavored Crust – $5

Mrs. Smith’s Flaky Very Berry Pie – $5

CB Apple Pies ( Bake & Serve )  – $5

Reece’s Pieces, Cookies & Cream, Oatmeal, Red Velvet &

 Lemon Sugar Cookie Dough-RTB (2 lbs) $4

Bistro Collection Brown Butter Bourbon Dessert Bar (36 oz) $7

Bistro Collection Pecan Carmelita Dessert Bar (49 oz) $7

  1. Skinner Bavarian Dream Danish (15 oz) $2.25

Mandia Cannoli (13.4 oz.) $3

Poppabilities .85 oz Apple Pie Bites (1.25lbs) $3

Table Talk 8″ Peach Pie-Thaw & Serve (22 oz) $3.25





Heritage Ovens Buttermilk Pancake Mix (5 lbs) $1.50

Harris Teeter Apple/Cinn Instant Oatmeal Low Sugar (10.9oz) $ 1.75

La Vieja Fabrica Raspberry Delight Fruit Spread (12.25oz) 1.50

La Vieja Fabrica Seville Strawberry Jam (12.25oz) 1.50

La Vieja Fabrica Seville Orange Marmalade (12.25oz) 1.50

General Mills Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes Cereal (13.8 oz) $2.25

Kellogg’s Chocolate Frosted Flakes (10.2 oz) $1.75

Kellogg’s Froot Loops Cereal (12.2 oz) $2.50


Annie’s HG Cookie Dough Choc.Pnut Butter Protein Bars (5ct) $2

Annie’s HG Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Protein Bars (5ct) $2

Annie’s Organic Crispy Snack Bars Original (5ct) $2

Van’s Gluten Free Peanut Butter Choc Bars (5ct) $2

Van’s Ranch OR Flavored Crackers (5 oz) $2

Larabar Nut & Seed Bar Dark Chocolate Almond OR Honey Almond Cranberry

 .60/ea or box of 15/$9



Annie’s Organic Caesar Dressing (8oz) $1

Annie’s Organic Worcestershire Sauce (6.25 fl oz) $2.50

Grey Poupon Rich & Tangy Bistro Sauce (12oz) $1

Mario Manzanilla Olives Stuffed w/ Cheese (3oz) .75

Mario Tri-Color Sliced Jalapeno Peppers (8.3oz) $1.50

Mario Spanish Sliced Salad Olives w/ Pimiento (13oz) $1.50

Selection Wine Sauerkraut (1L) $3

Saverne Artisanal Dill & Garlic, Siracha Or Craft Beer Kraut (16 oz) $.75

Roland All Natural Clam Juice (8oz) $1.50

Kraft Old English Cheese Spread (5oz) $1

Pam Non-Aerosol Coconut Oil Spray (7 oz) $3

Pam No Stick Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooking Spray (7 oz) $3

Hellman’s Real Mayo Squeeze Bottle (5.5 oz) $1

OLD BAY (6 oz) $2.50

OLD BAY 30% Less Sodium, Blackened, Garlic & Herb, Lemon Pepper

OR HOT (2.25-2.62 oz) $1.50

Wishbone Light Italian Dressing (8 oz) $1

Lea & Perrins Teriyaki Marinade (16 oz)$2.50


Best Foods Real Ketchup Sweetened w/Honey (14 oz) $1.50

Heinz Mayochup Saucy Sauce (16.5 oz) $1.50

IGA Tomato Ketchup 32oz – $2

Fish Batter (5 lbs) $1.50


Domino Sugar (2 lbs) $1

Baker’s Rich Milk Chocolate Baking Bar (4 oz) $1.75

Duncan Hines Perfect Size Lemon Bliss Cake (9.4 oz) $2

SE Grocers Almond Butter-No Stir (12 oz) $4


Boxed/Canned Goods

Geisha Mixed Stir Fry Vegetables (14.4 oz) $1.75

Schnuck’s Chicken Gravy (10.5 oz) .50

Heinz Homestyle Roasted Turkey Gravy (12 oz) $1.50

Shurfine Turkey Gravy (10.5 oz) .50

Old El Paso Whole Wheat Taco Boats (8 pk.) $1

Roland Pre-cooked Quinoa (2 lbs) $2

Cracker Barrel Sharp White Chd Mac & Cheese Dinner (14 oz) $2.50

Golden Dipt Cracker Meal Seafood Fry Mix (10 oz) $1

Velvetta LF 2% Milk Processed Cheese Block (32 oz) $7

Ricos Condensed Aged Cheddar Cheese Sauce (15 oz) $2

Ore Ida Homestyle Sour Cream Mashed Potato Flakes (4 oz) $1.25

Riceland Extra Long Grain Natural Brown Rice (32 oz) $1.50

HT Traders Chargrilled Mushrooms In Sunflower Oil (6.2 oz) $2

Heartland Value Chunk Chicken Breast Meat (5 oz) .75


Snacks, Candy & Drinks

Harvest Valley Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea 3+1 Conc. (64oz) $3

Gevalia Light Roast Ground Coffee (8 oz) $3

Clover Valley Donut Shop Blend Coffee Pods (12ct.) $3.50

Foodhold Shore Blend Coffee Pods (12ct.) $3.50

Barista Fria Caffe Latte Specialty Beverage (33.8 oz) $1.50

Maxwell House Ground Coffee (1.75 oz) .50

Maxwell House French Roast Ground Coffee (1.2 oz) .50

Snapple Sorbet Bars (12/2 oz) NOW $1

Wild Harvest Organic Raspberry Black Tea (12 c/16.9 oz) $8

Wild Harvest Organic Peach Black Tea (12 c/16.9 oz) $8

Wild Harvest Organic Lemon Black Tea (12 c/16.9 oz) $8

San Pellegrino Orange Sparkling Beverage (Sleek) 24/11.15oz $15

Perrier Cucumber Lime Sparkling Water Slim Can 10pk $6 OR 30pk $15

Perrier L’Orange Sparkling Water Slim Can 10pk $6 OR 30pk $15


Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Sea Salt Crackers (4.5 oz) $1.75

 Crunchmaster Multi-Grain GF Roasted Vegetable Crackers $1.75

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Artisan Cheesy Garlic, Sea Salt, Rosemary & Olive Oil OR Original Bread Crackers GF (4.5 oz) $1.75

Boulder Himalayan Pink Salt OR Roasted Jalapeno

Kettle Cooked Chips (6 oz) $2

Kind Kids Kind Bars (Case of 8/6 ct boxes) REG $10 ON SALE $8


Special Promotions



Check this page regularly if you’re looking for great deals. From time to time we get some cool, unusual, limited products. We will post them here and they will be sold “first come first served”. If you’re interested, please send us an email with your Name, Address email address and phone number. All products must be picked up at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. If shipping is needed, customer must pay for the costs.

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Fundraiser Discounts





If your school, church or non-profit group is holding a fundraiser where you will be serving food, be sure to check out the fundraiser discounts at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. We sell bulk food items (cheaper by the pound/dozen) as well as steeply discounted food items that are overstock/near-dated or closeout products. You can plan your menu around our inventory!




We are here to assist you in determining the quantities necessary for events while staying within the planned budget and allowable food cost guidelines. We also answer your questions and give advice on food preparation.

Call Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse at 410-420-8544, fill out our web form, or stop by to check out our discount grocery inventory. Your wallet will thank you!