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Welcome to Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse! We’re a discount grocery store serving the Harford County and Baltimore County area. We’re able to offer food at discount prices because we have developed partnerships with wholesalers and distributors to obtain their overstock, near dated and close-out food products. We founded the company to help charities and non-profits gain access to reduced cost and donated products and supplies.

Today, we also sell to Maryland families trying to save on their grocery bills. Elks Clubs, VFWs, Moose Lodges, privately owned assisted livings, church groups and local schools save money on fundraising events by purchasing product through Chesapeake Traders.

Our inventory changes weekly, so be sure to check back often. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to call ahead. Call us today at




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Our Food


We do our best to keep this list updated, but inventory is not guaranteed. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to call ahead at 410-420-8544.  Stop on in and check out the savings!

Food List –March 29th

Just in Frozen

Bulk Chicken Breasts (40lbs) $45

Rare Roast Beef Eye Round ($3lb) Avg 4-5 lb piece

Chef’s Line 6oz. Beef Patties (8 pk) $12 or case of 32/$42

Fully Cooked Stuffed Chicken Breast Bacon & Cheese(bag of 6) $10

Chef Quick FC Hot &Spicy Breaded Chicken Fillet (2lbs) $5

Hatfield Panera Sliced Smoked Uncured Ham (2lbs) $4

Alexia All Natural Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sea Salt (3lbs) $4.50

Tator Tots (5lbs) $4


Just in Dry

Betty Crocker 4Cheese Hearty Mashed Potatoes (4.7oz) $1

Malt-O-Meal Oat Revolution Stl Cut Apple Cinn Oatmeal (10pk) $1.79

McCafe French Vanilla 100% Arabica Ground Coffee (12oz) $4

Homestyle Cheese Garlic or Seasoned Croutons (2lbs) $2

Sun of Italy Peeled Tomatoes (28oz) $1.29

Sun of Italy Diced Tomatoes (14oz) .59

Sun of Italy Tomato Sauce (14oz) .59


New Dry Spices

Seafood Seasoning 6oz – $1.50

Northern Steak Seasoning 8oz – $3.50

Adobo W/Sazon 7oz – $1

Ground Allspice 3oz – $1

Anise Seed 3oz – $1

Barbeque Spice 8oz – $1

Bay Leaves 0.5oz – $1

Beef Bouillon 1.80oz  – $1

Cajun Seasoning 6oz – $1

Caraway Seeds 3.50oz – $1

Celery Salt 7.5oz – $1

Cinnamon Sugar 5oz – $1

Coriander Ground 3oz – $1

Creole Seasoning 5.5oz- $1

Fajita Seasoning 6.5oz – $1

Five Spice 3.5oz – $1

Greens Seasoning 3.5oz – $1

Poultry Seasoning 2.5oz – $1

Steak Seasoning 7oz – $1

Thyme Leaves 1.5oz – $1

Vegetables Flakes 2oz – $1



CHEESECAKE Factory Cheesecakes—Deluxe Original NOW $20

KRAVE Beef Jerky Sweet Chipolte (3.25 oz) Reg $2.99 NOW 2/$5

JACK LINKS Pork Jerky (Korean BBQ Recipe) (2.85oz) Reg $2.99 NOW 2/$5

Hostess “donettes” Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts (11.25 oz) Reg. $1.50 NOW $1

Superman Caramel Crunch Cereal (11.8oz) .75 ea. Or 2/$1 (must buy 2)

Post “Ice Cream” Pebbles (11oz) Reg. $1 ea NOW 2/$1 (must buy 2)

Tostitos Crispy Rounds Reduced Fat…Case of 104/.875 bags NOW $5

479 Artisan Popcorn—NOW $1 ea




80/20 Beef Burgers (30 burgers)…10 lb. case/$30

USDA Choice Beef Strip Peppercorn Steaks (4-6oz) $2

Roast Beef Round (6-8 lbs avg) $4/lb

Philly Cheese Steak Meat—$34/12.15lb case NOW $30 ($2.46/lb for case only)

Philadelphia Style Cheese Steak Meat- 2lbs/$6, 4lbs/$12

Top Sirloin (8oz) $5

Sirloin Meal tip Kits – $8 (feeds 8 people)


Chef Quick RTC Breaded Chicken Breast Tenderloins (2 lbs) $5

Chef Quick F/C Homestyle Breaded Chicken Tenders (10.5 oz) $1.50

Chef Quick Breaded Chicken Tenders–Gluten Free—(2 lbs) $5

Perdue or Wellsley Farms Oven Roasted or Smoked Carving Turkeys (avg 5-7 lbs)  $2.50/lb

Frozen Young Turkeys (approx. 15lbs)– $1.45/lb

Tangerine Chicken 5lbs –$10

Pork/Ham/ Meatballs

Smithfield Original or Jalapeno Cheddar Pork Brats (19oz) $2

Hatfield 8/1 Jumbo Chicken&Pork Franks (8pk) $1.50

Hatfield 10/1 6” Olde Philly Beef&Pork Franks (5lbs) $8

Oscar Mayer Hardwood Smoked Angus Beef Franks(12oz) $2.50

Johnsonville F/C Pork Beer Brats (6pk) $2.99

Ahold Garlic & Cheese Italian Sausage Links (5 pk) $2.29

Coleman Uncured Sliced Black Forest Ham (6oz) $1.80

Hillshire Farm Beef Cocktail Franks (13oz) $2.59

F/C 2pk Pork Chops–$3

12 oz pkg All Beef Hot Dogs – $1 a pack!!!!!!

Mild  or Hot Italian Rope Sausage—3-4lb. single ropes ($2.50/lb)

Mild Italian Bulk Sausage (15lbs) $20

3lbs Italian Turkey Meatballs – $4.50


Crawfish Meat (2lbs) $18

Lemon & Peppercorn 1.8 oz Pollock Wedges (2lbs) $5

Chesapeake Rockfish Fillets (2-5 lbs avg)  $5/lb

IQF Wild Caught Catfish Pieces (2lbs) $5

Lobster Tails!!!!!(4 oz ea) 2/$8

(5 oz ea) 2/$10

Clam Strips (4oz) .50

Spicy Shrimp Poppers (6oz) $1

Shrimp Poppers w/ tail on (8oz) $2

8 oz. Tilapia Fillets…$1

Shrimp (2lbs) P&D/tail on  16/20–$18

Precut FC Imitation Crab/Avocado Sushi Rolls (70 ct) $5.49

RL Seafood Crab Cake Mix (5lbs) $9 

Breakfast Items—Frozen

Rich’s Effortless Baking Cinnamon Roll Dough (9 ct) $4

Farm Promise Applewood Smoked Uncured Bacon (12oz) $2.99

Echo Lake FC Egg White Patties (2dz) $4

Bob Evans Zesty Sausage Roll (16oz) $2

Sawmill Gravy Concentrate—Reg $4 NOW ½ price

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon Club Pack (3/12oz. pks)–$6.99

Gwaltney Mild Sausage Roll (16oz) $1.49

Gwaltney HOT Sausage Roll (16 oz) $1.29

Blueberry or Cinnamon Raisin Bagels (6pk) $1

Restaurant Soups & Sauces & Pastas

Lobster Bisque $9

Broccoli Cheese Soup Base $5

True Soup Vegetarian Corn & Green Chilli Bisque $9

Tomato Soup, Country Potato & French Onion—-ALL 8lbs. ALL $9 EACH!!!!!

Pad or Thai Sauce – $2

Mac & Cheese Sauce $4

White Cheddar Sauce $4

Parmesan Cheese Sauce $4

Spinach Artichoke Dip $6

Artichoke Lobster Dip $6 

Misc Frozen/Refrigerated

Chopped Spinach Florentine Ravioli (20oz) $3.50

Lobster Ravioli (3lbs) $12

Joseph’s Egg Fettuccine Nest Pasta (2.5 lbs) $2

Dim Sum Appetizers…3pk. $2


Path of Life SW Quinoa w/ Roasted Corn Blk Bean & Mango (10 oz) $1.60

Savor Nature’s Basin Grade A Brussels Sprouts (32oz) $4

Superior Pride Peas (5lbs) $6

Foodhold Seasoned Vegetable Medley (9oz) .99


Birds Eye Southwest Blend (corn/peppers/bean/onion) (14oz) .99

Birds Eye Recipe Ready Chopped Onions (8oz) .99

Birds Eye Stew Blend; Carrots, Onions, Potatoes & Celery–$1

Birds Eye Steamfresh Mushroom & Green Bean Rissoto–.79

French Fries – $3


Maplehurst Candy Cookie Dough (3oz pucks) 1 dz/$4

Rich’s Choco Chip Cookie Dough (1oz pucks) 2 doz/$4

Brownie Dough (1oz pucks) 30/$4

Bonerts 8” Baked Cherry or Pumpkin Pie–$3

Edwards 10” Vanilla Caramel Crème Pie or Georgia Pecan Pie-$5

Caramel Sauce & Chocolate Sauce -$1.50


Organic, NON-GMO & Gluten Free Items

Florida Crystals Demerara Sugar-100% Natural (2lbs) $1.50—cs of 6-$7

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Whole Grain Cracked Freekah (16oz) $2.99—cs of 4-$10

Freedom Foods GF “Tropico’s” Cereal  (10 oz) $1.50

Glutino GF Cinnamon & Sugar Bagel Chips (6oz) $1.50—cs of 6-$6

Nairn’s Organic Oat Crackers (8.8 oz) .50—case of 12-$5

The Real Co. White Basmati Rice (16 oz) $1—case of 6–$5

Rhythm Superfoods Roasted Garlic & Onion Kale (.75 oz) $1—case of 6-$5

Earth’s Best Wholesome Breakfast Blueberry Banana (4 oz) .50—cs of 6/$2.50


Malt-O-Meal Cocoa or Fruity Dyno-bites Cereal (25.5oz) $3

Ralston Raisin Bran (18.7oz) $3

Simple Goodness Oat Blenders Honey&Oat Cereal (13.5oz) $2.50

Post Great Grains Super Nutty Granola (18.7oz) $2

Better Oats Instant Oatmeal –Strawberry Cream (10pk) $1.79 

Coffee & Tea

SueBee Clover Honey (.31 oz pks) 20/$1.50 or case of 200/$14

Sprouts Organic K Cups—Hazelnut, Honduran or Fr. Roast Decaf (12pk) $6

Folger’s Traditional Roast/Whole Bean (5lbs) $15

Big Train Blended Ice Coffee – Java Chip or Kona Mocha (3.5lbs)-NOW $4

Java Coast Fine Coffee – 2 lb Decaffeinated Whole Bean – $7


Ahold Brownie Batter Mix (22.9oz) $1.75

Ghiradelli Caramel Syrup (17oz) $1.79

Duncan Hines Classic Butter Fudge Cake Mix $1.19

Betty Crocker Super Moist Milk Choc Cake Mix $1.19

Brownberry Herb Premium Stuffing (14oz) Reg.$1.59 NOW $1

Creamy Parmesan or Creamy Italian Style Pasta Salad (6.2oz box)$1.25

Riceland Gold Parboiled Long Grain Rice (1 lb) .75 

Condiments & Such

Momma Rose’s Chunky Hot Salsa (16oz) $2

Kraft Real MAYO (12oz) squeeze bottle $1.29

Grey Poupon Deli Mustard (8oz) $1

Kraft Real Mayo—Original (30 oz) $1.99

Hidden Valley Ranch Dipping Sauce (20oz) $1.59

Welch’s Concord Grape Fruit Spread w/ chia (17oz) $1.59

Welch’s Tart Cherry Berry Fruit Spread (18 oz) $1.59

Welch’s Chia Strawberry Fruit Spread (17 oz) $1.59

Red Wine Vinegar (1 gal) $4

Canned Goods/Soups/Broths

Pacific Organic Chicken Broth (32 oz) REG. $1.99 NOW $1.59/ea

365 Organic Marinara (25 oz) $2.29

Sun of Italy Tomato Sauce (8 oz) .35

Madison Brands Mandarin Oranges (30 oz) Reg.$2.50 NOW $2!

46 oz Clam Juice – $4 ON SALE $1.99

Fatburger Beef Chili w/o beans – 6.5lb bags $6

6 lb. 8 oz Pizza Sauce (#10 can) $5


Pepperidge Farm “TRIO” Crackers (10 oz) $1.25

Cape Cod Tortilla Dipping Shells—Ancient Grains-$1.50/ea or 2/$3

Skinny Pop Skinny Pack 8/.85 oz pks. 2/$3


Beverages – Bottled/Canned

Green Apple or Orange Perrier case of 24/16.9 oz bottles $7/cs or 2/$12

Snapple Strawberry Tea w/ hint of Mint (6pk)–$3.50

Lucky Leaf Apple Cider (64fl. Oz.) $1

Cleaning Products/Misc Dry Goods

Prime Source Oxygen Bleach Cleaner (21oz) $1

Plastic knives—100 count (natural color)–$1

Best Value Paper towels (pick a size) 3pack – $2.75 or case of 30 -$25

Special Promotions



Check this page regularly if you’re looking for great deals. From time to time we get some cool, unusual, limited products. We will post them here and they will be sold “first come first served”. If you’re interested, please send us an email with your Name, Address email address and phone number. All products must be picked up at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. If shipping is needed, customer must pay for the costs.

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Fundraiser Discounts





If your school, church or non-profit group is holding a fundraiser where you will be serving food, be sure to check out the fundraiser discounts at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. We sell bulk food items (cheaper by the pound/dozen) as well as steeply discounted food items that are overstock/near-dated or closeout products. You can plan your menu around our inventory!




We are here to assist you in determining the quantities necessary for events while staying within the planned budget and allowable food cost guidelines. We also answer your questions and give advice on food preparation.

Call Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse at 410-420-8544, fill out our web form, or stop by to check out our discount grocery inventory. Your wallet will thank you!