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Welcome to Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse! We’re a discount grocery store serving the Harford County and Baltimore County area. We’re able to offer food at discount prices because we have developed partnerships with wholesalers and distributors to obtain their overstock, near dated and close-out food products. We founded the company to help charities and non-profits gain access to reduced cost and donated products and supplies.

Today, we also sell to Maryland families trying to save on their grocery bills. Elks Clubs, VFWs, Moose Lodges, privately owned assisted livings, church groups and local schools save money on fundraising events by purchasing product through Chesapeake Traders.

Our inventory changes weekly, so be sure to check back often. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to call ahead. Call us today at



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Our Food


We do our best to keep this list updated, but inventory is not guaranteed. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to call ahead at 410-420-8544.  Stop on in and check out the savings   

October 18, 2017


Hormel Golden Brown Chicken Breast ½ price (avg 6lbs)- $8  

Turkey & Beef Dinner balls (1/2 oz) 5lbs- Reg. $12 SALE $6 

French Fries (5 lbs) REG. $3 ON SALE 2/$5 (must buy 2)

Sirloin Meal Tip Kits – (feeds 8 people) REG. $8 ON SALE $6 

Fine ground beef chuck (10 lb. log) 80/20 REG. $30 ON SALE $20 ($2.00/lb)

Case of Mild Italian Rope Sausage (15 lbs) REG $30 ON SALE $15

Pineapple Tidbits (6 lbs) REG. $5 ON SALE $2.50

Herdez Pinto Bean Dip & Bean Dip (15 oz) REG. $1 each

ON SALE 2/$1 (must buy 2) OR case of 12/$5

Natures Promise Organic Toaster Pastries  Pumpkin Pie (8 count) .25 each 

Just In Frozen

Tomato Basil Soup, Vegetarian Chili, Mediterranean White Bean OR Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup (4 lbs) $5 

Farm Promise Brown Sugar Uncured Ham Steak (6 oz) $1.50

Farm Promise Boneless Breakfast Ham Slices (6oz) $1.50

Farm Promise Pork Chops (16 oz) $3

Chili Lime Pork Tenderloins $5

Chef Quick FC Chicken Breast Tender Fritters (2 ½ lbs) $6

Chef Quick FC Original Rotisserie Wing Sections (2 ½ lbs) $6

Chef Quick FC Italian Chicken Breast Fillets (5 lbs) $12

Tyson RTC Breaded Chicken Breast Patties (5lbs) $12 

Marino’s Best Lightly Seasoned Beef Steak Slices (2 lbs) $6, (10 lb) $30

Chicken Steak Sandwich Slices (2lbs) $6, (10 lb) $30 

Just In Dry

Heinz Homestyle Roasted Turkey Gravy—Regular or Fat Free—(12 oz) $1.30

Sweet Baby Rays Original or Honey BBQ Sauce (28 oz) $3

Smart Balance Omega Natural Chunky Peanut Butter (26 oz) $3.50

Manzanilla Spanish Olives w/ Pimentos (10 oz) $1.75

Martinson Traditional Rich Medium Ground Coffee (10.3 oz) $2.50

Maxwell House International Café Francais Coffee (7.6 oz) $2.19

Nescafe 100% Columbian Instant Coffee (1.69 oz) $1.95

Shurfine Peppermint or Chai Black Tea (20 ct) $1.75

Nature Valley Oats & Dark Chocolate Granola (11 oz) $1.60



Boneless Beef Ribeye Roll Avg 6-8lbs – $3lb (limited quantities)

(Cut into steaks or roast) Great Deal !! 

Flame Broiled Beef Steak Burgers(6 oz)—Fully Cooked—6 count $10 or Case of 27/$42

F/C Gourmet Burgers (6 oz) CASE of 10 $12

Bubba Burger Bacon Cheddar Patties (32 oz/6 pk) $6


Tyson Breaded F/C Breaded Chicken Boat “Loaders” (5lbs) $12

Bulk  Bnls Chicken Breasts (10 oz portions) 10lbs. – $10 

Bulk Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts (40 lbs) NOW $40

Perdue Hickory Smoked Slicing Turkey (avg 10 lbs) $2.50/lb

Jenni-O Extra Lean Oil Browned/Sliced Turkey Breast (2lbs) $4

Jenni-O Cooked Turkey Salami (avg 10 lbs) $1/lb

 Pork/Ham/ Meatballs

Cocktail Smokies (5 lbs). $8 Now $5

Farm Promise Pork Loin Fillets (1.5 lbs) $5

Ball Park Lean Uncured Beef Franks (8 pk) $2

Ball Park Signature Seasoned 100% Beef Franks (7 pk) $2

Pork & Beef  Meatballs (1 oz) 5 lbs. $12

Boneless Pork Chops (6oz) $1.50/ea

Fully Cooked Pork Chops (2 pk) $3


Lobster Tails (5oz) 2/$10

HENRY’S Maryland Style Crab Cakes (2.5 oz) Pack of 10/$3.50

Coconut Shrimp (1 lb) $6

R/L Seafood Stuffing Mix Reg. $9 NOW $4

Breakfast Items—Frozen

Pillsbury Mini Bagels (Cinnamon Creamy Cheese) 18/$1

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels (6pk) REG $1 ea.NOW 3/$1  OR Case of 72/ $3

Oscar Mayer Select Thick Slice Bacon (12 oz) $3.50

Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon Club Pack (3/12 oz packs) $6.99

Farm Promise Uncured Hardwood Bacon (12 oz) $3.50

Gwaltney Thick Cut Sliced Bacon (1 lb) $.399

Gwaltney HOT Sausage Roll (16 oz) $1.29

Sawmill Gravy Concentrate—Reg $4 NOW ½ price

Restaurant Soups & Sauces & Pastas

Pad/ Thai Sauce – $2                      Lemon Butter Sauce $4                

Parmesan Cream Sauce $4                        Alfredo Sauce $4    

Beurre Blanc Sauce $4

Spinach Artichoke Dip – $6

Misc Frozen/Refrigerated

Land O’ Lakes Sliced White American Cheese (5lbs) $12 

Polly-O Shredded Low Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese (5lbs) $12

Gardenburger Veggie Vegan Burger (12 count) $6

Super Soft Pretzel REG. 8 for $1

Fully Cooked Penne Rigate Frozen Pasta (8 oz) 5/$1

Margarine (1 lb) $1

Chung’s Lemongrass Chicken Wrap OR Siracha Chili Chicken

Wrap Egg Rolls (11 oz) $2.75

Pizza Dough Ball’s 5/$1


 Green Giant Risotto w/ Carrots, Peas, Onion & Kale (11 oz) $1.50

Birds Eye Carrots/Onions/Potato/Celery Stew Blend (16 oz) .99

Birds Eye Southwest Blend (Corn/Peppers/Beans/Onions) (12 oz) .99

Leaf Spinach $1

Savor Nature’s Basin Grade A Brussels Sprouts (32oz) $4

Italian Blend (2lbs) $3

Peas, Corn, Baby Carrots or Lima Beans $3

Frozen Cut Wax Beans (2.5 lbs) REG. $3 ON SALE $1

Reser’s Mashed Sweet Potatoes (5 lbs) $3


Sara Lee Plain NY Style Cheesecake (14 slice) $15 

Chocolate Walnut Brownie (44oz) 12 slice $11

Mrs. Smith’s RTB Flaky Crust Cherry Pie (35 oz) $4.50

All But Gluten Chocolate Chip Cookies (10 oz) $1.79

Rich’s Whole Grain Candy Gem Cookie Dough (2 lbs) $4

Gourmet RTB Sugar Cookie Dough 5 lb./$8 or 20 lb. case $28

Sara Lee Angel Food Cakes…Thaw-Slice-Serve $1

Frozen Sliced Strawberries (6.5 lb. container) $5

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough -RTB-(2 lbs) $4

White Choc Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough (2lbs) $4

OB Thunder Brownie Mix $1.50

Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ A Gooey Chocolate Center 5/$1

Caramel OR Chocolate Sauce Reg. $1.50 ON SALE .50



Gold Medal Whole Grain Complete Pancake Mix (5lbs) $3

Pancake Mix (5 lbs) $3

Malt-O-Meal Cereals…Tootie Fruities, Frosted Mini Spooners,

OR Berry  Colossal Crunch (10-12 oz) $1.50

MOM’s Oat Blenders Honey & Almonds (13.5 oz) OR Cinnamon Toasters Cereal(12 oz) $2

Post Great Grains Super Nutty Granola (11 oz) $1.59

Powerbar Peanut Butter Choco Protein Bar (2.12 oz) $1 each OR Case of 15/ $10

Hy Vee Choco Chip Chewy Granola Bars (18 ct) $3.50

Better Oats Instant Oatmeal –Strawberry Cream (10pk) $1.79

Coffee, Tea & Drinks

Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee (6.3 oz) $2 

Douwe Egberts Traditional Ground Coffee (8oz) $2 

Ground Caribou Coffee (Caribou Blend) 2 oz. $1

Mocktails Alcohol Free Cocktails (Margarita) 4pk./$2

Café Collection Espresso Rst 100% Arabica WB Coffee 4 lbs $15

Big Train Blended Ice Coffee – Java Chip or Kona Mocha (3.5lbs)-NOW $4

Torani Mojito Mint Syrup (750 ml) REG. $3 ON SALE $1


Duncan Hines Perfect Size Chocolate Dream Pie Kit $1.50

Manischewitz Carrot Cake Macaroons (10 oz) $1 (Buy one Get one)

Tempura Beer Batter (16 oz) NOW .50

McCormick Lemon Butter Dill Sauce (8.7 oz) $2

McCormick Asian Seafood Sauce (9.1 oz) $2

Golden Dipt Boxed Mixes….$1.50/ea

Zatarains Boxed Mixes… …1.50/ea

OB Spices:  Choose from Rib Spice, Meat Seasoning,

Seafood Seasoning & House  Seasoning—8 oz/$2 or 5 lbs. $10

Condiments & Such

Homestyle Plain or Cheese & Garlic Croutons (2 ½ lbs) $3 

McCormick Original or Fat Free Tartar Sauce OR  

Old Bay Tartar Sauce (8oz)     2/$3 (Mix OR Match, Must buy 2) 

Pace Medium Picante Sauce (64 oz) $6

Kikkoman Katsu Sauce-Japanese Steak & Cutlet Sauce-(4lbs 11 oz.) $3

Harvest Farms Organic Original BBQ Sauce (18 oz) $1.50

Canned Goods/Soups/Broths

Nongshim Bowl Noodle Soup (Spicy Seafood Flavor) 3/$1 or Case of 12 $3

Santiago  Low Sodium Vegetarian Refried Beans (26.5 oz) $1.50

Sun of Italy Tomato Sauce (8 oz) .35

Long Grain Rice – 1lb–.50/each OR  3 for $1

Sun of Italy Whole Peeled Tomatoes (28oz)

REG.$1.29 ON SALE .89 each

Sun of Italy Tomato Sauce OR Diced Tomatoes (14.5oz) 2/$1 (must buy 2)

Pasta (1 lb) .75 OR 10 lbs./$7


The Little Kernel Mini Popcorn – 4oz bags Variety of flavors – $1

Pink Himalayan Salt                       White Cheddar                     Truffle Sea Salt

Sweet & Salty        Naked(plain)                         Butter (taste like movie popcorn)

New Gluten Free

Sam Mills Gluten Free Rigatoni 100% Corn Pasta (1lb) $1

Marion’s Kitchen Premium Coconut Cream (7 oz) .50 Or Case of 12/$10

Back to Nature Dbl Chocolate Cherry GF Brownies (8 oz) $1.50

Special Promotions



Check this page regularly if you’re looking for great deals. From time to time we get some cool, unusual, limited products. We will post them here and they will be sold “first come first served”. If you’re interested, please send us an email with your Name, Address email address and phone number. All products must be picked up at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. If shipping is needed, customer must pay for the costs.

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Fundraiser Discounts





If your school, church or non-profit group is holding a fundraiser where you will be serving food, be sure to check out the fundraiser discounts at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. We sell bulk food items (cheaper by the pound/dozen) as well as steeply discounted food items that are overstock/near-dated or closeout products. You can plan your menu around our inventory!




We are here to assist you in determining the quantities necessary for events while staying within the planned budget and allowable food cost guidelines. We also answer your questions and give advice on food preparation.

Call Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse at 410-420-8544, fill out our web form, or stop by to check out our discount grocery inventory. Your wallet will thank you!