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Welcome to Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse! We’re a discount grocery store serving the Harford County and Baltimore County area. We’re able to offer food at discount prices because we have developed partnerships with wholesalers and distributors to obtain their overstock, near dated and close-out food products. We founded the company to help charities and non-profits gain access to reduced cost and donated products and supplies.

Today, we also sell to Maryland families trying to save on their grocery bills. Elks Clubs, VFWs, Moose Lodges, privately owned assisted livings, church groups and local schools save money on fundraising events by purchasing product through Chesapeake Traders.

Our inventory changes weekly, so be sure to check back often. If you’re looking for something specific, you may want to call ahead. Call us today at



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Our Food



Thanksgiving Holiday Promo  – Spend $250 Between 10/24 & 11/17 and receive a free Jennie O tender & Juicy grade A young Turkey Avg 22lbs

(Turkeys are available for P/U starting November 7th…SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS!)

November 14th, 2018

CLOSED Due Weather – Thursday 4-8pm

                      11/16/18 FRIDAY 1pm – 7pm

                     11/17/18 Saturday 9AM-5PM

Spectacular Specials

Kraft Stove Top Traditional Sage Stuffing Mix (6 oz) .50

Simplot True Recipe Potato Granules (6 lbs) REG. $4 ON SALE $2

Bird’s Eye Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Carrots

w/ Brown Sugar (4/12 oz cartons) $4

Birds Eye Steamfresh Roasted Garlic Riced Cauliflower

OR Savory Herb Riced Cauliflower (10 oz) REG $1.50 ON SALE $1

Fully Cooked Pork Loin Chops (3 lbs) $3

Father’s Table Pumpkin Cheesecake (16 oz) $3

Big Y Carrot 7 in Layer Cake-Uniced- $2

German Chocolate OR Truffle Icing (20 lbs) REG $10 ON SALE $5


Silver Floss Sauerkraut (32 oz) $.75

Hatfield Dry Rubbed Montreal Seasoned Pork Tenderloin $5

Hormel Lemon Garlic OR Mesquite BBQ Pork Tenderloin $5

MacKnight Premium Atlantic Salmon Burgers (16 oz) $1.50

Birds Eye Baby Mixed Beans & Carrots (14.4 oz) $1.50

Food Club Petite Green Beans (16 oz) $1.50

Quality Chef Pot Pie Filling—Just Add Chicken (8 lbs) $5

Kraft White Cheddar & Twisted Elbow Macaroni (4 lbs) $5

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits (4 pk) $3.50

Rich’s 8” Simply Cheese Artisan Crust Pizza (8.5oz) 3/$5

Polly-O 2% Milk Mozzarella String Cheese (24 pk) $4.50 (refrigerated)

Rich’s Proof & Bake Raisin Bread Dough (3 pk/$3)

Natrel 1% Low Fat Milk (32 oz) $1.50 (refrigerated)

Wild caught Lobster Meat 2lbs – $22  


Brew Coffee Co. Hazelnut w/ sea salt, French Vanilla w/ sea salt OR Cocoa Mocha Coffee w/ sea salt K-cups (12 ct) $4

Nature Valley Peanut Butter Granola (12.7 oz) $1.99

Nabisco Triscuits Organic Original w/ Sea Salt (7 oz) $1.50

Sierra Extra Long Grain Enriched Parboiled Rice (80 oz) $3.50

Kosher White Quinoa (2 ½ lbs) $2

Nestea Raspberry Iced Tea (18/23 oz) $12/cs

Nestea Organic Black Tea (12/18.5 oz) $8/cs



Steak Tenderloins (2/4 oz) – $5 or Case of (20/2/4oz) $90

Choice Steak Ribeyes (6 oz) – $4.50 Case (26/6oz) $105

Hillshire Corned Beef Flat (5-8 lbs) – $3lb

Schweidson Ground Beef Patty -80/20 (4 oz) 10 lb case- $28

Philly Cheese Steak Meat (2 lbs). $6 OR 10lb case $28          


Rio Star Foods #1 IQF Bone-in Chicken Wings (5 lbs) $12

Chef Quick FC Breaded Solid Muscle Chix Breast Fillets (5 lbs) $12

BK RTC Breaded Chicken Breast Patties w/ Rib Meat (5 lbs) $12

Chef Quick FC Grilled Chicken Breast Patties (5 lbs) $12

Boneless Chicken Breast Chunks-Ovenable & RTC (5 lbs) $12

Nature Raised FC Brd Whole Grain Chicken Brst Nuggets (12 oz) $3

Pork/Ham/ Meatballs

Farm Promise Bone-in Pork Chop $2

Pork Baby Back Ribs/2 per bag- $12

Prima Porta Sweet Italian Sausage Links (6 pk) $3.99

Hatfield Cheddar &Ale Bratwurst (5 pk) $2.99

Prima Porta Authentic Country Sausage Link (6 pk) $3.99

Rich’s Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork BBQ (5 lbs) $15

Hatfield Hot Italian Sausage Links (5 pk) $2.99

Italian Pork & Beef 1oz. Meat Balls – (5 lbs) $12

Hillshire Farm Cheddarwurst Smoked Sausage (6 pk) $1.99

Hormel Teriyaki Extra Lean Pork Tenderloin (approx 1 lb) $3.50

Hormel Sundried Tomato/Basil/Oregano Pork Tenderloin (1.5 lb) $5

Jenni-O Cooked Turkey Salami (10 lbs) $5


Steamed, Frozen Crab Claws (3 lbs) $5

Handy Mini Crab Cakes 96 oz) $3.50

Oyster Bay FC Chilean Mussels (26/30 ct) $1.50

Trident Wild Alaskan Pollock Fillet Portions (2 lbs) NOW $4

Frozen Raw Calamari (2.5 lbs) $8

R/L Seafood Stuffing Mix (contains Crab and shrimp) NOW $4

Breakfast Items—Frozen

Hatfield Classic Scrapple Lean F/C (16 oz) $1.50

Jimmy Dean FC Heat & Serve Sausage Patties (3.65 oz) $1

Farm Promise Applewood Bacon 12oz $3.99

Finlandia Spreadable Butter with Canola 8oz -$1

Chef Ernesto French Toast Cinnamon Bites (8 oz) $1

Jimmy Dean FC Turkey Sausage Links (48 pk) $9.99

Rich’s Frozen French Toast Batter (32 oz) $1

Rebel Crumbles (Created by High School Students in Philly) Apple Delight OR Apple Cranberry (bag of 10) $2

Bagels (6pk) REG $1 ea. NOW 5/$1

Pillsbury Mini French toast (Triple Berry Blast) case of 72/2.64 oz pks. $3

Restaurant Soups, Sauces & Pastas

Joseph’s Seafood (Scallops/Shrimp/Lobster) Cannelloni (3 lbs) $12

Cheese Manicotti – 2lbs- $6

Joseph’s Portabella Mushroom Ravioli – (3 lbs) $6

Sysco Classic Cream Soup Starter-Condensed (4 lbs) $4

Cheeseburger Chowder 8lbs – $9

New England Clam Chowder (8 lbs) $9

Autumn Pumpkin Soup (8lbs) – $9

Chef Francisco Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder (4 lb) $5

Sysco Cream of Chicken w/ Veg & Rice Soup (8 lbs) $9

Sysco RTC Tomato Basil Soup (8 lbs) $9

Alfredo Sauce $4

Lobster Cream Sauce $6

Beurre Blanc Sauce $4

Misc Frozen/Refrigerated

Marie Callender’s Country Fried Beef Steak Meal (15 oz) $2.50

Subway Individually Wrapped Cheese Pizza (10 oz) $1

Glutino GF Uncured Pepperoni Pizza (6 oz) $3

Pelman Potato w/ Cheddar & Jalapeno Perogies (16 oz) $2.50

Ore-Ida Four Cheese Mashed Potato Bites (14 oz) $1.50

Udi’s GF Buffalo Style Chick Macaroni & Cheese (18 oz) $5

Wholly Guacamole (2 lbs) $4

Lightlife Smart Ground-meatless-Original crumbles (12 oz) $1.50

Societe Roquefort Sheeps Milk Cheese (3.5 oz) NOW $1 (refrigerated)

President Creamy Brie spread (3.25 oz) NOW $3 (refrigerated)


Bird’s Eye Deluxe Artichoke Hearts (9 oz) $1.50

Bird’s Eye Southland Butternut Squash (12 oz) $1

Larry’s Stuffed Potatoes w/ Bacon & Cheddar OR

Sour Cream & Chives Mashed Potatoes (10 oz) $1.50

Frozen Sliced Carrots 2lbs – $1

Smart Made Grilled Peppercorn Beef & Vegetables (9 oz) $2

French Fries $4

Regular Cut Green Beans $3

Corn $3


Edwards 10” Georgia Pecan Pie (32 oz) $5

Chef Pierre Pre-Sliced Baked Sweet Potato Pie (40 oz) $5

Celebrate Vanilla IC/Fudge Sheet Ice Cream Cake (36 oz) $6

Sweet Eddie’s Cinnamon Rolls (24 oz) $2.50

Lava-Liscious Fudge Cake (16 oz) $3

IQF Frozen Strawberries (2 lbs) $3

David’s Gourmet Pumpkin Muffin Batter (8 lbs) $10

Maplehurst Red Velvet Uniced Cupcakes (24 ct) $3

Sara Lee 9” Red Raspberry Pie (34 oz) $5

Chef Pierre Baked Traditional Lattice Cherry Pie (38 oz) $5

Chef Pierre RTB Strawberry Hi-Pie (37 oz) $5

Half Sheet Carrot Cake w/o Raisins $5

Brownie Thunder Mix Base $1.50



Assorted Fruit Spread (9.5) $1

Pampa Lite Pancake Syrup (24 oz) $1.50

Erewhon Cinn Crispy Brown Rice Organic GF Cereal (10 oz) $2

Woodstock Matcha Organic Vanilla Oats Cup (1.8 oz) $1

Malt-O-Meal Corn Flakes (34 oz) NOW.50

Fiber One Salted Caramel Cheesecake Bar (5 pk) $1.59

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal w/ Strawberries (13 oz) $2.50

Post Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Almonds (14.5 oz) $2.50

Post Honey Bunches of Oats Granola w/ Dark Chocolate (10 oz) $1.79

Heritage Buttermilk Pancake Mix (5 lbs) REG$3 SALE $1.50

Coffee, Tea & All Drinks

Ria’s Hot Bloody Mary Mixer (16 oz) $1.50

Maxwell House Coffee Bean (4 lbs) – $8

Iced Tea Blend (6/4oz bags) REG. $4 NOW $2

Monin Gourmet Syrup—White Chocolate OR Hazelnut (25.4 oz) $3

Monin Gourmet Flavor Concentrate—Caramel OR Orange (1L) $3

Caribou Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (25.4 oz) $3

Davinci Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup w/Splenda 15.89oz – $3

Java Trading Italian or French Roast, OR Seattle Style Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee (2 lbs) $7


McCormick Original OR Extra Hot Cocktail Sauce (8 oz) 1.00

Old Bay Cocktail Sauce (8 oz) 1.00

New Orleans Seasoned Fish Fry Breading Mix (10 oz) $1.50

Old Bay Tuna Classic Cake Mix (1 oz) $1.00

White Raw Unfiltered Canadian Honey (20 oz) $11

Domino Sugar (2 lbs) REG $1 NOW .50

Nestle Toll House Organic Dark Chocolate Morsels (9 oz) $2.25

Hershey’s S’mores Baking Pieces (7 oz) $1.50

Enjoy Life Dark Choco Morsels (12/1 oz pks) $2

Dark Chocolate Sauce (5 ½ lb pouch) $2

Ready to Bake Chocolate Lava Cake Batter Mix (19 oz) $2

Ready to Bake Chocolate Cake Batter Mix (20 oz) $2

Ground Cumin (16 oz) $3

Lemon Pepper Spice (8 oz) $2

McCormick Cajun Seasoning (2.25 oz) $1

OLD BAY 30% less sodium, Lemon Herb, Blackened, Garlic/Herb

Or HOT $2 each

Condiments & Such

Mario Aegean Blend Kalamata Olives (6.7 oz) $1.50

Mario Mediterranean Mix Olives (7 oz) $1.50

Mario Select Green Olives Stuffed w/ Blue Cheese (4.5 oz) $1.50

Mario Imported Cocktail Onions (3.5 oz) $1

Manzanilla Olives w/ Pimentos (5.75 oz) $1.50

Olde Cape Cod Sweet & Hot Honey Mustard (7 oz) $1.50

Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard (16 oz) $2

Heinz Real Mayo (13 oz) $1.50

La Victoria Medium Salsa Suprema (67 oz) $6

Pace Medium Picante Sauce (64 oz) $6

Sun of Italy Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers (12 fl oz) $2

Sun of Italy EVOO (8.45 oz) $1.50

Lea & Perrins Steak Sauce (10 oz) $2.50

Sun of Italy Basil Pesto (6.5 oz) NOW$1

J.O. Brand All Purpose Seafood Seasoning2 lbs. $5

Aunt Jane Sliced Hamburger Dill Pickles (16 oz) $1.50

Woeber’s Pure Apple Cider Vinegar (16 oz) .25

Apple Cider Vinegar (1 Gal) $3

Island Pit Jamaican Jerk Marinade (8 oz) $1

Mezzetta Deli Sliced Jalapeno Peppers (16 oz) $1.50

Hadden House Hot Jalapeno Pepper Slices (12 oz) $1.50

Simply Dressed Italian Vinaigrette – (1 Gal) REG $6 ON SALE $3

Canned Goods/Soups/Broths

Mother’s Maid Unsweetened Canned Applesauce (15 oz) .75

Comstock Light Cherry Topping/Filling (20 oz) $2

Organic Condensed Cream of Tomato OR Cream of Chicken Soup (11 oz) $1

Best Bet Wide Ribbon Noodles (12 oz) $1.25

Furman’s Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce (15 oz) $1

Guglielmo’s Marinara Sauce w/ Italian Sausage – (24 oz)2.25

Libby’s Easy Pumpkin Pie Mix (30 oz) $1.50

SeaWatch New England Clam Chowder (51 oz) $6

Zatarain’s Mango Hebanero Rice Quinoa (6.2 oz) .75

Zatarain’s Dirty Rice (12 oz) $1.50


Nabisco Nilla Wafers (11 oz) $2

Sanders Milk Choco OR Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (6 oz) $2.50

Snyder’s of Hanover “itty bitty minis pretzels” (10 lunch pks) $1.50

RW Garcia Organic Chili Cheese Corn Chips (7.5 oz) $1

Lil’ Dutch Maid Butter Ring Cookies (11.5 oz) $1.50

Raley’s Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies (14.3 oz) $1.50

Glutino GF Vegetable Crackers (4.4 oz) $1.75

Pace Mild OR Medium Chunky Salsa, UTZ Chunky OR Sweet Salsa

 OR UTZ Ranch Dip—(15 oz) $2

Utz White Cheddar Cheeseballs Reg $1.00 Now 3 for $2

Slim Jim Giant Nacho Smkd Beef Stick 2/$1

Miscellaneous Dry

Foam Soup Containers (8 oz/25 ct) $1 (no lid)

6in. Foam Large Sandwich Containers (125 ct) $8

Solo 14 oz. Clear Plastic Cups w/ Lids (100 ct) $3 (sold w/ lids only)

2 Compartment Aluminum Trays-2 styles-(125 ct) $3

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler (Keeps it Cold/Keeps it Hot) Similar to Yeti $14

Antibacterial Clean & Smooth Gentle Skin Cleanser (1 gal) REG $5 NOW $3

Special Promotions



Check this page regularly if you’re looking for great deals. From time to time we get some cool, unusual, limited products. We will post them here and they will be sold “first come first served”. If you’re interested, please send us an email with your Name, Address email address and phone number. All products must be picked up at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. If shipping is needed, customer must pay for the costs.

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Fundraiser Discounts





If your school, church or non-profit group is holding a fundraiser where you will be serving food, be sure to check out the fundraiser discounts at Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse. We sell bulk food items (cheaper by the pound/dozen) as well as steeply discounted food items that are overstock/near-dated or closeout products. You can plan your menu around our inventory!




We are here to assist you in determining the quantities necessary for events while staying within the planned budget and allowable food cost guidelines. We also answer your questions and give advice on food preparation.

Call Chesapeake Traders Food Warehouse at 410-420-8544, fill out our web form, or stop by to check out our discount grocery inventory. Your wallet will thank you!